Amy Flies In August!

11698653_858553717532638_5277091766431323096_nI firmly believe that being an interesting writer means living an interesting life.  So I’m announcing one of my hobbies – studying aerial arts at Womack And Bowman.

I’ve been taking aerial classes since 2011, and Womack & Bowman is where I feel most at home. Believe me, I have no business hauling my happy inflexible butt around in the air, but Brett Womack and Rachel Bowman have been nothing but supportive and encouraging.

They’ve been holding recitals showcasing their students’ work for a year now, and this is the first time I’m participating. So if you’d like to see what a complete non-pro can do (and it’s not too shabby) come check out the shows on August 29th.

You can get tickets here, which include admission, snacks and drinks.

It will be a fun fun night!