The Pocket Guide is having a sale!!!

Just in time for Christmas! For a limited time, you can get each Kindle version of The Pocket Guides for $.99! If you want something to put under the tree for that beloved family member who keeps nagging you to go to church, Book 1 and 2 are $3.99 and Book 3 is $4.99!

Go here to pick them up now!!! Enjoy!

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Amy’s Third Book is out!

It was meant as a trilogy and now it is complete! My third book The Pocket Guide to Skeptics, Scaredy-Cats, and other Shockingly Subversive Women Of The Bible is out now on Amazon in both ebook and paperback format!

From really examining what the phrase “despise” means in Hebrew (the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament was written in Hebrew, a fact that escapes some people sometimes), to spending some time with the Witch of Endor (not just a planet in the Star Wars universe) to reading what other people think Martha of Bethany’s second act was after the Bible, it’s all in here.

It has been so much fun to dive into the stories of these ladies’ lives. Not just what the Bible says, but what else is out there about them. I never advocate in believing without cross referencing.

Ebook is here

Paperback is here

Hope you enjoy!

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Amy Wrote Another Book!

My second book The Pocket Guide To Stubborn Babes, Smartypants and other Stone Cold Scrappy Women of the Bible is now available on Amazon in both ebook and print format! This is isn’t your usual Christian Woman With Journal and Coffee book. Thousands of other authors do that.

But if you’re looking for biblical commentary that straddles the line between I Believe This and This Makes No sense, that wonders if Delilah and Samson met at a dungeon, that wonders if the stories of Deborah and Jael could be a Broadway musical, and why Jezebel was definitely not a slut, this is the book for you.

Ebook is here.

Print version is here.

Hope you enjoy!

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Amy at Ecclesia Hollywood 4.3.23

I kicked off the series studying the book of Esther at my church Ecclesia Hollywood and I came back around to close it. Here’s the message I gave on Chapters 9 & 10: The end of Esther’s story and how the tradition of Purim was established. Watch below!

Amy At Ecclesia Hollywood 1.29.22

Looks like I’m getting the hang of this whole Speaking In Church thing. I delivered another message, this time on the Book Of Esther, Chapter 1 and 2 talking about Vashti and Esther. Click the link to check it out!

Amy wrote a book!

What started as a pandemic project now makes its debut into the world! My first book! THE POCKET GUIDE TO SLUTS, SCHEMERS AND OTHER SHOCKINGLY INTERESTING WOMEN OF THE BIBLE is a irreverently respectful look at ten ladies in the Bible using curiosity, humor and a generous dash of profanity.

Now available for purchase on Amazon here . (The paperback version is coming soon.)

This is the first in a series of three books! If you want to make sure you don’t miss when the next one comes out, you should sign up for my newsletter here Hope you enjoy!

Amy At Ecclesia Hollywood 10.23.22

Once again Ecclesia Hollywood tapped me to give the main talk during their service on Sunday October 23, 2022 (now in their new location at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA)

This time, I tackled a weird passage in Matthew 15: The Faith Of The Canaanite Woman. Click the link below to learn about Desperate Faith, Mr. Mister Lyrics, and all the different names for dogs 🙂

Amy At Ecclesia Hollywood 6.12.22

In an effort to expand my public speaking endurance levels and also to share a little bit about what I learned when I wrote three mini-books during the Pandemic, Ecclesia Hollywood graciously allowed me to be the guest speaker during their service on Sunday June 12, 2022.

If you’d like to see video of me speaking 90 percent without notes, click below:

If you’re working out or on a walk or just want the audio go here.

thanks for watching/listening!