The Truth About You (2015)


Six best friends – Alpha Male BRETT, chain drinker HOLLY, girlfriend-whipped JOHN, fabulous host ALEX, sardonic TASHI and neurotic FAITH – have made a pact on New Year’s Eve to tell each other the one Thing they’ve always wanted to, but were afraid of repercussions.

Using the rationale that you would rather hear the truth from a best friend than a total stranger, the game gets off to a rocky start when Tashi is told that she’s twenty pounds overweight, and locks herself in the bathroom to cry.  While Holly takes the news that no one likes her cat with a snarl and another beer, John is horrified to learn that everyone hates his girlfriend of two years KIRA, who happens to crash the party at exactly the wrong time.

It’s after midnight, but the games are just getting started.  There are still a few more Things to be told, more secrets to be revealed, and new romances to spark.  Unfolding as organically and messily as any New Year’s Eve party, the gang drinks, jokes, cries, and laughs as they wrestle with important questions – Is honesty really the best policy?  Where is the line between being truthful and being cruel?  And most importantly, can six friends get down to the gut honest truth about each other, and manage to survive the night?

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